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If Instruction Isn’t Engaging, I Quit is a compelling series of chapters on student engagement. It is a must read for novice teachers, veteran teachers continuing to seek new ways to grow in their profession, and principals who desire to provide their staff members with the support they need to be highly effective educators.

Knowing the importance of engaging students and the challenges that accompany it led Vincent Taylor to share 10 practical strategies that have proven to be highly effective during his time as a classroom teacher. Instead of focusing on what the students will do to show that they are engaged in learning, his approach is to share strategies that begin with what the teacher will do to begin this critical process.

Student engagement is always at the forefront of teaching and learning regardless of a school’s location or the capacity in which educators work with children. In this publication, the author has brilliantly presented a framework that teachers can follow to help enhance and support their professional growth. 

Each chapter:

  • Begins with a teacher/student story that illustrates a real-life example of the strategy discussed,
  • Embodies the classroom experience of the author and includes supporting research from other educators,
  • Includes examples so teachers can immediately implement strategies in their classrooms,
  • Presents teachers with an academic challenge that enables them to practice the specific strategy, and
  • Has a self-reflective section where teachers analyze their application of each strategy practiced in their classrooms.

Students occupy seats in classrooms every week, so it is imperative that their day is replete with teaching and learning that captivates them. The author has diligently constructed a book filled with 20 years of his experience on student engagement in hopes that it will serve as a resource for teachers to help their students fall in love with learning. He calls this work of art If Instruction Isn’t Engaging, I Quit!



Students' lack of interest for school has unfortunately led many of them to say, "If instruction isn't engaging, I quit!" Mr. Taylor, with over 20 years of teaching and academic coaching experience, will share his highly interactive, professional development that explores 12 research-based strategies for engaging students during instruction. His approach does not focus solely on what the student will do. It's more about what the teacher does to engage his or her audience. These 12 strategies will of course increase the acquisition of information studied; however, they will do more to assist teachers with finding unconventional ways to help their students fall in love with learning. (duration: half day; full day; keynote)


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