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Cornbread Runs for Class President

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Cornbread Has a Bad Habit

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Cornbread Faces the School Bully

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Cornbread and the Stolen Diamond Watch

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Cornbread The Healthy Food Challenge

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READING, RAPPIN' & HAVING FUN (Student Presentation)

“Reading Rappin’ & Having Fun” is an exciting student, educational presentation that supports the various learning styles. It integrates hip-hop music, hand gestures and reading comprehension skills to reinforce learning.

Students will find themselves singing and moving to the rhythmic beat 80% of the time while focusing on Florida and Common Core Standards such as figurative language, main idea, supporting details, inference, context clues, and much more.

A multitude of nonlinguistic representations will be covered in this highly energized, research-based presentation. Students will be captivated the entire session.  Students will be captivated the entire session as they sing songs from the Rhythmic Reading with Rap workbook/CD.


Cornbread Class Sets


Our Cornbread Home Learning Set is the perfect resource for parents who want to help their child at home with reading comprehension. You will receive:

- Four Cornbread books

- Student Workbook with a 128 questions  

- An Answer Key for parents

- A free Cornbread backpack

- A free Cornbread audio CD

The Cornbread Theme Song audio cd includes 4 versions of the song (radio, performance, instrumental, and acapella). Song lyrics are included inside of the CD.
Have You Seen Her
((For God's Sake) Give More Power to the People)