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Vincent Taylor, M.Ed.

Vincent Taylor, an educator of 23 years, is the CEO of TriEclipse Publishing. He's a nationally acclaimed educational consultant and author of numerous publications. He has written five books in his Cornbread children’s book series which developed out of a need to address two voids that he found prevalent in many classrooms: 1) an absence of fictional books with a male protagonist and 2) a lack of multicultural literature. These books were preceded by Rhythmic Reading with Rap, a workbook / audio CD Vincent created to reinforce reading skills with elementary school-aged students. Annually, his company holds a fun-filled reading conference for students using these materials. 

Mr. Taylor has also written a professional development book called If Instruction Isn’t Engaging, I QUIT which has spawn into into a highly engaging and interactive, professional development which he has presented to over 60,000 educators.  He is a graduate of the University of North Florida where he received his B.A in Elementary Education. His professional growth continued at the University of Florida. There he earned his Master’s Degree in Curriculum & Instruction. 

Vincent has received recognition for his many contributions to education. He received The Prestige Award in 2021 from Jacksonville Literacy Pros of Jacksonville. In 2020 he was nominated for the "Education Excellence" Award for Jacksonville's Inaugural  Image Awards. Vincent received a  letter from Mayor Alvin Brown in 2014 for his mentoring efforts in the community. As it pertains to academics, he was presented the prestigious Outstanding Graduate Leadership Award in 2012 from the University of Florida. Taylor is a very vocal advocate of engaging students during academic instruction; as a result of this passion, he was named the 2006 Teacher of the Year. Outside of academics, Vincent is equally passionate about a school-based program he founded in 1998 called The Young Gentlemen's Organization. As a result of his efforts, he was presented the Touching Hearts & Changing Lives Award in 2005 from the Florida Association of School Social Workers.

A Few Places Mr. Taylor has Presented:

  • National Association for Multicultural Education; National Association of Black School Educators; 
  • National Black Child Conference; National Conference for Independent Education; 
  • National Micro-Society Conference; National Title 1 Conference
  • University of Florida; University of South Florida; University of North Florida
  • Los Angles Public Schools; Nebraska Public Schools; Maryland Public School; Oklahoma Public Schools; 
  • Virginia Public Schools; Georgia Public Schools; Florida Public Schools
  • Florida Fund for Minority Teachers; Florida School for the Deaf and Blind; Florida Association of School Social Workers; 
  • Florida State College of Jacksonville; Florida Charter School Conference

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